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Allene Putnam

Allene Putnam

Allene Putnam has contributed to RTS every month for over 30 years. To find out why, we arranged to visit her at her house behind her daughter's place on a farm outside Macon, MS. She patiently answered all of our queries concerning her faithful and appreciated habit.

Mrs. Putnam heard about RTS through the late Rev. Sam Patterson, first president of the seminary, under whose evangelistic preaching ministry she sat on numerous occasions. She came to know Stelle, Sam's late wife, and they went to lunch occasionally. Mrs. Putnam's late husband, John, was an attorney.

Her interest in world evangelism has encompassed the many missionaries she has known who graduated from RTS. Mrs. Putnam's support for RTS is a show of support for the seminary's mission programs and emphasis on evangelism.

Also, like many, Mrs. Putnam was concerned about the drift of the Presbyterian denomination at the time of RTS' founding. She wanted to help send out men who preach the Bible as the Word of God.

Along the way she came to know many of the RTS professors who preached or taught Sunday school classes in her church. She specifically named Simon Kistemaker and Douglas Kelly, as well as Ligon Duncan, now senior minister at her former church, First Presbyterian Church in Jackson.

Mrs. Putnam keeps in touch with RTS alumni who are missionaries through letters, cards and other means. She has served as a Women in the Church chair for Mission to the World and as a circle leader.

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